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China will showcase its domestic jetliner at the Singapore Airshow. Here’s what else to expect

China is gearing up to showcase its narrow-body passenger jet to a global audience for the first time at the Singapore Airshow.

Feb 19, 2024

Sony plunged $10 billion after its PS5 sales cut. But a bigger issue is its near decade low games margin

Around $10 billion of value was wiped off Sony’s stock last week, after the Japanese tech giant cut its sales forecast for its flagship PlayStation 5 console for the fiscal year.

Feb 19, 2024

British retail rebound provides some hope for recession-hit economy

Stronger-than-expected January retail sales provided a glimmer of light for the struggling British economy on Friday — and suggest that the country’s recession will be short-lived, according to some economists.

Feb 19, 2024

Robert Kiyosaki Expects Bitcoin to Take off — Foresees Gold Crashing Below $1,200

Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki has predicted that bitcoin and silver will take off while gold will crash below $1,200. He urges investors to prepare for the “biggest crash in history” which he forecasted in his book years ago. Emphasizing that the Federal Reserve is “destroying” the U.S. economy, he advised: “Rather than trust the Fed, I prefer to trust gold, silver, and bitcoin.”

Feb 19, 2024

Retail investors are easing back into crypto while VC funding rises for first time in 1.5 years

While retail crypto traders want to get on the bullish bandwagon, the series of exchange bankruptcies in 2022 has taught them to be cautious.

Feb 19, 2024

Coinbase drops native Bitcoin payments from merchants’ platform

Coinbase Commerce will discontinue support for Bitcoin and similar UTXO coins. To use Bitcoin for payments, shoppers will need a Coinbase account.

Feb 19, 2024