New Sports Venue Welcomes Groups in Spokane, Wash.

Jan 15, 2024meetings-conventions
The outdoor ONE Spokane Stadium, home to two new United Soccer League teams, is also available for concerts and private events.

Now open in Washington State is the ONE Spokane Stadium, the home of the Spokane Velocity (men's) and Spokane Zephyr (women's), two new United Soccer League teams, both of which will debut in 2024.

The outdoor facility features permanent seating for up to 5,100 people; for concerts and events that include the field, it can hold up to 15,000. For those larger events, a protective surface will be placed over the field for its protection.

The stadium, a partnership between Spokane Public Schools and the Spokane Public Facilities District, will be the home field for several city schools, which have been without a decent facility since the demolition of the 72-year-old Joe Albi Stadium in northwest Spokane three years ago. The venue, which cost $37.9 million, is downtown, adjacent to the 11,660-seat Spokane Arena and the Podium, a multiuse sports venue.

The “ONE” in the facility's name signifies the unity among the venture's stakeholders: the student-athletes, the teams and public entities involved in the naming process, and the Native American tribes that live on and near the land.