CPAC 2022: The Conservative Political Action Conference
🕒 29-May-2023

CPAC 2022: The Conservative Political Action Conference


CPAC, or the Conservative Political Action Conference, is one of the largest annual gatherings of conservative activists and leaders in the United States. The conference brings together politicians, pundits, and grassroots activists to discuss and debate key issues facing the conservative movement.

CPAC has become a must-attend event for conservatives looking to network, share ideas, and hear from some of the biggest names in politics and media. This article will explore what to expect at CPAC 2022, including dates and locations, keynote speakers, panels and discussions, exhibitors and sponsors, registration information, and past highlights and controversies.

What is CPAC?

The American Conservative Union (ACU) organizes the conference several days in late winter or early spring.

At CPAC, attendees can hear from various speakers on conservative politics and policy topics and attend panel discussions, workshops, and other events. Addition to political figures, CPAC often features prominent media personalities, business leaders, and activists.

CPAC has become a key event in the conservative movement and a platform for launching political campaigns and movements. It is also an important networking opportunity for conservatives, as attendees can connect with like-minded individuals and organizations.

CPAC 2022 Dates and Location

CPAC 2022 is scheduled for February 24-27, 2022. The conference will be held in Orlando, Florida, at the Hyatt Regency Orlando. Which has served as the venue for previous CPAC events.

The dates and location of CPAC 2022 were announced by the American Conservative Union (ACU) in July 2021. Organizers have since been working to finalize details for the event. The decision to hold CPAC in Orlando reflects a trend of conservative gatherings and events in Florida. Which many views as a conservative stronghold with a favorable political climate.

Attendees can expect to enjoy the sunny weather and attractions of the Orlando area while also participating in the various events and activities offered at CPAC 2022. The location also offers convenient transportation options, as the Hyatt Regency Orlando has located just a short distance from the Orlando International Airport.

CPAC 2022

Keynote Speakers at CPAC 2022

The American Conservative Union (ACU), which organizes CPAC, has not yet announced the full list of keynote speakers for CPAC 2022. However, the conference typically features a mix of political figures, media personalities, and other prominent, influential individuals in conservative circles.

In past years, CPAC has drawn high-profile speakers, such as former President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, Senator (Senate Lobbying Disclosure) Ted Cruz, and commentator Sean Hannity. CPAC 2022 will likely feature similarly prominent speakers, and attendees can expect to hear from diverse voices within the conservative movement.

The keynote speakers at CPAC 2022 are expected to deliver speeches and presentations. That touch on various political and policy issues and offer perspectives on the current state of conservatism and the direction of the movement in the coming years. The speakers will also likely address the political climate and issues facing the Republican Party. As well as strategies for advancing conservative values and priorities.

Panels and Discussions at CPAC 2022

CPAC 2022 expects to feature a variety of panels and discussions on topics related to conservative politics and policy. These events allow attendees to hear from experts in various fields and engage in thoughtful discussions and debates about issues important to the conservative movement.

The panels and discussions at CPAC 2022 are likely to cover a wide range of topics, including:

1. Foreign policy and national security: These discussions may focus on issues such as relations with China, the war on terror, and the ongoing conflict in the Middle East.

2. Immigration and border security: These discussions may address topics. Such as border wall construction, asylum policies, and the impact of immigration on the economy.

3. Economic policy and regulation: These discussions may focus on tax reform, healthcare policy, and efforts to reduce government regulation.

4. Media and culture: These discussions may focus on issues such as bias in the media. Social media’s impact on politics and popular culture’s influence on conservative values.

CPAC 2022

Attendees can expect to hear from diverse speakers on these and other topics, with experts and pundits. Activists participated in the various panels and discussions. The exact lineup of events and speakers will announce closer to the conference date.


In conclusion, CPAC 2022 promises to be a highly anticipated event for conservatives across the United States. With a lineup of keynote speakers, panels, and discussions, attendees can hear from a wide range of voices within the conservative movement and engage in thoughtful discussions about important issues facing the country.

Held in Orlando, Florida, the conference will offer attendees the chance to enjoy the warm weather and attractions of the area. While also participating in the various events and activities offered at the conference. Whether you are a politician, activist, or interested citizen. CPAC 2022 will be an informative and exciting event for anyone learning more about conservative politics and policy.