Alabama Political Reporter: An In-Depth Look at Politics in the Yellowhammer State
🕒 29-May-2023
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Alabama Political Reporter: An In-Depth Look at Politics in the Yellowhammer State


Politics in Alabama can be as unpredictable as a southern thunderstorm, and keeping up with this dynamic state’s latest news and trends can be challenging. That’s where the Alabama Political Reporter comes in. In this article, we’ll look at this essential source of information on Alabama politics. Including its history, mission, key contributors, and impact on the state’s political landscape.

History of the Alabama Political Reporter

The Alabama Political Reporter was founded in 2010 by Bill Britt, a seasoned journalist who had previously worked for various newspapers, including the Mobile Press-Register and the Montgomery Advertiser. Britt saw a need for a non-partisan news source that focused exclusively on Alabama politics and provided in-depth coverage of the state’s political scene. Thus, he created APR to fill this gap in the media landscape.

Since then, APR has become a go-to source for anyone interested in Alabama politics. Its impact on the state’s political landscape has been significant.

The mission of the Alabama Political Reporter

The Alabama Political Reporter’s (APR) mission is to provide accurate, fair, and comprehensive news coverage of politics and policy in Alabama. APR aims to be a trusted source of information for readers who want to stay informed about state political events, decisions, and developments.

APR is committed to reporting non-partisan and objectively, and its goal is to hold elected officials and government institutions accountable for their actions. Additionally, APR strives to foster informed civic engagement by giving readers the information they need to participate effectively in the political process.

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Key Contributors to the Alabama Political Reporter

The Alabama Political Reporter has had many talented journalists and contributors over the years, but some of the key contributors include:

1. Bill Britt – Founder of APR and a veteran journalist with over 30 years of experience covering Alabama politics. He passed away in 2018, but his legacy and impact on APR are still felt today.

2. Josh Moon – Current editor and investigative journalist with APR since 2011. He has broken many major stories, including exposing corruption in Alabama’s prison system.

3. Susan Britt – Co-founder of APR and Bill Britt’s wife. She continues to be involved with the publication and serves as the publisher.

4. Eddie Burkhalter – Senior political reporter who has covered Alabama politics for over a decade. He has been with APR since 2015 and has won several awards for his reporting.

5. Chip Brownlee – Investigative journalist who joined APR in 2018. He has covered many topics, including healthcare policy and government corruption.

These contributors and many others have played a critical role in establishing APR as a leading source of political news and analysis in Alabama.

Impact of the Alabama Political Reporter

The Alabama Political Reporter (APR) has had a significant impact on the state’s political landscape. Its in-depth coverage of Alabama politics has shed light on important issues and hold elected officials accountable for their actions.

Here are some ways in which APR has made an impact:

1. Exposing corruption: APR has broken numerous stories about corruption in Alabama’s Moderate Politics, including scandals involving former Governor Robert Bentley and former Speaker of the House Mike Hubbard. Its investigative reporting has helped to root out corruption and hold those responsible accountable.

2. Informing voters: APR has provided important information about political candidates and their positions on key issues. Its coverage of elections and political campaigns has helped voters make informed decisions at the ballot box.

3. Influencing policy: APR’s reporting has brought attention to important policy issues and helped shape public opinion. Its coverage of topics such as healthcare, education, and criminal justice has influenced public debate and led to changes in policy.

4. Fostering transparency: APR strongly advocates for government transparency and open records laws. Its reporting has brought attention to cases where public officials have tried to hide information from the public, leading to increased accountability and transparency in government.

Overall, the Alabama Political Reporter has played a critical role in promoting a more informed, transparent, and accountable political environment in Alabama.

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APR’s Coverage of Current Issues in Alabama Politics

The Alabama Political Reporter (APR) covers a wide range of current issues in Alabama politics, including:

1. Corruption: APR continues to investigate and report on corruption within Alabama politics. Recent coverage has included stories on allegations of bribery and fraud involving state officials.

2. Education: APR provides in-depth coverage of education policy in Alabama, including the state’s troubled public school system and efforts to reform it.

3. Healthcare: APR has covered the ongoing debate over healthcare policy in Alabama, including the state’s Medicaid program and efforts to expand access to healthcare for low-income residents.

4. Criminal justice: APR has reported extensively on Alabama’s prison system, including overcrowding, violence, and inadequate inmate healthcare.

5. Elections: APR provides comprehensive coverage of elections in Alabama, including primaries, general elections, and local races. Its reporting includes an analysis of campaign finance and candidates’ positions on key issues.

6. Environmental issues: APR covers environmental issues affecting Alabama, including concerns over pollution and the state’s response to climate change.

7. State government: APR reports on the activities of the Alabama state government, including legislative sessions, the governor’s office, and state agencies.

APR provides readers with the information they need to stay informed and engaged in the political process through its coverage of these and other issues in Alabama politics.


The Alabama Political Reporter has become a trusted source of information and analysis on Alabama politics. Its commitment to investigative journalism and in-depth reporting has helped to uncover corruption and hold elected officials accountable, while its coverage of key policy issues has influenced public debate and helped to shape policy decisions.